Greetings from The Netherlands!

Based in The Netherlands at -1m in a polder, PolderPowerrr creates games for the rest of the world.

PolderPowerrr was founded in 2010 by me,
Erik van Kranenburg. I have been designing and developing for the web and pc for more than a decade.

Grown up with the fabulous Commodore64 and Atari ST, I have been playing games for a long, long time. Easy games, well crafted games and a lot of non-violent games were played. With that in mind, I will develop.... well... uhm, easy games, well crafted games and addictive games. Just like the old days!

Stay tuned for more power from the polder.

Erik van Kranenburg

Gaming Profile

Computer systems played with: C64, Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, Atari ST, PC, GameBoy, SNES, GameCube, Wii, GBA SP, Sega MD2, PS3

Was addicted to: Chips Challenge, JazzJackrabbit and Transport Tycoon, Days of the Tentacle

Good memories of: Rambo II [C64] (intro sound!), Addams Family [Atari ST], Sam&Max [PC]

Now playing: XIII [NGC]
Gates of Zendocon [Lynx]